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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It starts...

Today is the day that I embark on my first journey across the Atlantic. I'm traveling with my mother, who I recently realized has never even left our timezone. At 10pm tonight we'll leave Logan en route for London (which we will arrive in at around 9am their time). My pack is half full but I'm still sure I've taken too much... I've written down everything so that I can narrow down my packing next time (Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe from December to January). I suppose the comfort of over-packing outweighs the risks under-packing (note the lame pun that I couldn't resist), though I'm sure I'll regret it. I would like to use this space to master the art of packing among other things. We're hosteling, so laundry will be a non-issue, it's all the other junk I can't leave behind that is overdoing it.

Just got a text from a friend who is in the British military at a base near Salisbury, our first stop. It's so weird to say that I will see him tomorrow! We spent many summers working together at a camp in Massachusetts (my home) and it's wicked surreal that I will see him in his home country. There's a few other English guys that I worked with at that camp that I will see, and also a Canadian. She's on her way back from Israel (I think) and I'm excited that our trips will overlap in London. She's an avid traveler and I am wicked excited about picking her brain on where to go next year... if Adam can't come, maybe she can!

Okay, I just wanted to post something before I left, an official start to this blog. Off now to shower and head to my parents. Adam and my dad are dropping us off.

Be good.


  1. You should have the Boy Meets World Theme song play when you first visit.

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