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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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All Full of Typhoid

I got my immunizations for my Africa trip. My insurance covered all the shots and I had to pay for the pills. I opted to take the live pill-version of the Typhoid vaccine because it lasts two years longer (it was 4 pills over 8 days). I also opted for the daily Malaria pill until I saw the price ($200-something) and quickly switched to the weekly version. The problem with the weekly version is that it gives nightmares and I get nightmares from any extra-strength or PM pill (tylenol, advil, ibuprofen)... like the worst nightmares of the entire life. I suppose I'll have to risk the nightmares. I'll warn the people I'm traveling with.

So the shots I got:
Hepatitis A

Pills I got:
Two types of pills for Travelers Diarrhea


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