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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bowery's White House Hotel of NY Review

Manhattan, New York, New York, USA

340 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

Tel: Can’t find one listed on the site… shady? Why, yes it is!

Dates Stayed: October, 2004
Open: 24 hours
Price Per Night: I don’t remember what we paid, but now it’s $35 plus taxes and the FAQ say you should expect to be $43 after taxes. Those are some steep taxes! Almost 20%!
WiFi: None
Self-Service Kitchen: None
Lockers: None
Location: Bowery, Manhattan… about half way between Times Square & Battery Park
Favorite Part: The Red Sox won the World Series while I was there (though I had to listen to the game through headphones coming out of the wall where the headboard should have been.
Least Favorite Part: The entire place.

My Thoughts:
I think this place is extremely well marketed. It has a beautiful website but don’t be fooled!
Note the following from the FAQ section of the website:
“Singles hold only ONE person. Doubles only TWO people. And the triple sleeps only THREE people. We cannot allow more than that in each room, so please don’t ask!”
Please take this literally. No more than one person can fit in the single (not just the bed, but the room itself), and in the double (where I stayed) two single cot-like beds were pushed together and there was zero walking space on either side. You literally had to duck under the TV as you’re coming through the door and climb onto the bed from its foot. It’s ironic, really, that there’s no space on the floor since there’s too much space between the top of the room’s walls and the ceiling. The top of the wall is maybe 7 feet from the floor and then there is about a foot and a half of lattice. Above that, nothing for a few feet until you reach the ceiling. You could very easily stand on the bed to see over the wall into another’s room and you could certainly climb over and have your way with their stuff! I would have preferred a dorm where I knew where people were. Since the doors lock that’s where you keep your stuff. No lockers.
There’s a picture somewhere of me with my pack standing in the hallway. I barely fit! It was pretty humorous actually, once you get over the shock of how shady the place is.
Recently, friends were talking about a shady hotel that they stayed at in NYC. I threw out “The Whitehouse of NY?” and was met with “YES!!” It was pretty funny to know others who fell for their marketing.

This place is actually more expensive than the HI – New York Hostel. Yes, the hostel way uptown from Bowery, but it’s totally worth it! Book there instead.

Directions (from the website):
I’m not going to bother with directions, because you shouldn’t stay here! J


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