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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally to Providence


Adam and a friend are heading to a Magic tournament this weekend so I offered to tag along so I could play tourist in a city that is extremely close by but one I've never spent any quality time in: Providence. I've been there twice, both times to see bands. I've skydived over Newport and seen its mansions and walked the cliff walk; I've been to two Paw Sox games in Pawtucket; I've just never seen really anything, except the inside of a venue, in the state's capital.

So here's what I've found and might find my way to this Saturday (the first of many Saturdays now that I'm off work and will be exploring):
Something I've never seen but would love to doesn't begin until June: Waterfire. I felt it was important to link here though as it is a major attraction in Providence (and if you happen to be reading this in the summer months apparently you won't regret seeing it).



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