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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shower Comfort in One Bag

I like long showers followed by wrapping my hair in a towel and my body in a robe. Unfortunately these will not fit in one bag unless I planned to leave everything else at home. The problem was to stay comfy after showering, the solution came in the combination of 3 items:

Packtowl (not a typo)

The twist is a tiny hair towel perfectly formed to wrap up my long thick soaking wet hair and keep and hold it up until I take it down. The Packtowl is a magic piece of cloth that can dry my entire body right out of the shower. However, it cannot wrap around my body and that's where the sarong comes in. It's a light wrap that doesn't add much weight to my pack but is easily the most versatile thing in there. Not only is a sarong easy way to cover your body after a shower, my sarong has also served as a skirt, pillowcase, light blanket, bunk bed privacy screen and bathing suit cover-up. In fact, at this very moment, my sarong is serving as a curtain in my upstairs bathroom window until we can find a permanent replacement.

These three items are the trifecta of showering comfort and take up very little space that is worth parting with for the added comfort.

The twist and the Packtowl need to dry. They are small enough that I can attach them to my pack and have them dry in the sun, but you need to wait for them to dry before you can pack them.

Online is easiest (links above). I bought my Turbie Twist in the hair clip section of CVS. The Packtowl came from REI or EMS and I actually think mine is the store brand (I have size L). The sarong I found inexpensively in an online store.


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