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Monday, May 30, 2016

(Another) New Pack

We used the bulk of our tax return to pay for our flights to Southern Africa this summer but we got a better deal than I expected so we also got new packs. This is my 3rd bag and Adam's first. I still have my old reliable bags, but we got a feature in this pack that I've been eyeing for a while: detachable day pack. Normally I travel with my pack and a backpack. I wear the backpack on my front and the pack on my back and it works, but it's always been something extra and obnoxious. With our new packs, the day pack zips into the pack OR you can wear it on the front, but with buckles specifically meant for that purpose.

Our bags are different because mine's a ladies pack, while Adam's is intended for men. Besides ten additional liters of space in his and the colors, they are identical

My Pack: Osprey Wayfarer 70 (red)
Adam's Pack: Osprey Waypoint 80 (black)

Favorite Features:

  • Detachable Day Pack
  • In main pack there are hidden pockets along (one mesh, one not), perfect for laundry
  • You can access the pack from the front (as opposed to the top) so you can see everything in the pack at once (you can access this with or without the day pack attached)
  • There's a pocket in the top for easy access to toiletries or whatever
  • There's a hidden pocket on the main pack behind the straps
  • Lockable zippers
  • A flap that you can tuck the straps into and zip up so it looks like a duffle bag (see picture on the right)

Least Favorite Features:
  • There's a sleeve for an iPad or Tablet in the day pack (see picture on the left) so you can use it while it's in the pack. I don't care for this feature as I have no use for it. I'll likely put maps in it
  • The straps are okay, but they're nothing to write home about. The shoulder ones are fine, but the waist strap leaves something to be desired


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