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Monday, May 30, 2016

DIY Travel Scarf with a Secret Pocket

My husband and I are headed to Southern Africa by way of France this summer. We'll leave the 90 degree Massachusetts heat for the 80 degree Paris weather and then off to winter we go as we explore Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. I try to pack smart. I carry multi-purpose or small items to get the most space out of my pack and so that I never have to check my bag. One item that I had spotted on Etsy was a "travel scarf" that featured a hidden passport/money pocket. The scarfs cost about $55, which wasn't something I could justify. I found them for $35 on another website before I considered making one myself. I scoured YouTube for a tutorial that would suit my needs. I picked up some double-sided knit fabric, an invisible zipper, grey thread and I sent away for an invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine. The foot was $12 and the rest was about $15. I intend to make more things with the zipper foot, so I'm not counting that towards the price of the scarf because I could have hand-sewn the zipper. (Full disclosure: I'm not particularly good at sewing and I've never sewn anything with a zipper.)

Here is the tutorial:

I followed this tutorial pretty closely and watched a few more videos to sort out how to make the invisible zipper invisible. I used Wonder Tape instead of pins, because I poke myself and it never comes out straight anyway. The tape really improved my seams. The wonderful part of this scarf (besides the price) is that I was able hide my poor sewing skills because it's flipped inside out!


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