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Friday, June 24, 2016

Top 4 Items I Always Pack


Today: Top 4 Items I Always Pack

1. Sarong - I don't bring a full towel so the primary purpose to bring a sarong is to cover myself up after a shower... however, my sarong has given me privacy on a hostel bunk bed, served as a pillow case and sheet, been tied into a make-shift pocketbook, and made into a pretty brilliant fort.

2. iPod - Packed with audio books... A few new books I haven't listened to yet and always all the Harry Potters (as backup if the new books I chose are poo or a reader's voice is annoying).

3. Little Packets of Laundry Detergent - I never ever ever check a bag, so I don't bring many clothes. Everything must fit in a carry-on so I bring a small amount of detergent to get me through the beginning of the trip and then pick up more along the way.

4. Headlamp - Incredibly dorky, but so useful... especially the red filtered light when you're trying to sort through your stuff in a dorm full of people you're trying not to wake up.


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