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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Travel Vaccines

We're traveling to France, Namibia, Botswana & South Africa in a little over 2 weeks and our doctor refused to write us a referral to a travel clinic, saying that he could provide us with the appropriate vaccinations and medicine. It turns out he could not so with very little time to spare Walgreen's came to the rescue. Our friendly neighborhood pharmacist inoculated us right in the store. If we had known it would be so easy we would have started there.

For Namibia, Botswana & South Africa it is recommended that you medicate or inoculate against Hepatitis A and Typhoid. The Typhoid preventative is 4 pills taken over 8 days (pills need to be refrigerated). Hepatitis A is a shot that you need 2 doses of about 16 - 18 months apart and then you should be set for life. When I went to Southern Africa the first time I only took the first dose and didn't follow through with the second, so I started again to be safe. We also purchased the weekly malaria pills which may not be necessary, but better safe than sorry.

The Hep A & B vaccines were covered by our insurance, but Adam had to pay about $50 for his tetanus booster.

Walgreen's could not provide the Polio vaccine or Yellow Fever, but as we are not going to countries where either disease is a problem, we didn't pursue them.

Moral of the story: Do not jump through hoops for your PCP when you can go to your local convenient store and get what you need.

*I am not getting any sort of compensation to praise Walgreen's and their service, they were just that good and that easy to work with. This could be because of how frustrated I was with our PCP.


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