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Hostels are my preferred accommodation whilst traveling. Overall they are cheap and in probably 80% of my experiences, safe. I like that most have kitchens that I can cook my own food in, which saves loads of money. Plus, there are always friendly travelers to meet! Though I've stayed in some hotels and motels along the way too, I'll only mention them here if they were set-up like a hostel.

There are certain things that I care a lot about when choosing a place to stay: price, location, WiFi, use of a self-service kitchen, and a place to lock up my stuff. In my reviews I have listed these things and experiences with each. Though the location likely won't change, the WiFi and locker situations may. Contact the hostel to confirm these things before booking.

Also, please read the review before booking any of these! I have indiscriminately posted the good, bad, & ugly on this page. Please refer to the dates that I stayed in these establishments, as things may have changed. (Please feel free to send me updates!)

These are the hostels I've stayed in over the years:

Kasane, Botswana
Great location, great owners, beautiful place!!

HI - MONTREAL (review) (website)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Probably my favorite big city hostel!
BATHWICK HILL YHA (review) (website)
Bath, Somerset, England
At the top of a GIANT hill!
ST. PAUL'S YHA (review) (website)
London, England
Favorite location of any hostel!
SALISBURY YHA (review) (website)
Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
My mother's first & favorite hostel.
PENZANCE YHA (review) (website)
Penzance, Cornwall, England
Fantastic location if you have car.
AKUREYRI BACKPACKERS (review) (website)
Akureyri, Iceland
Will stay here in June!
HOSTEL HUSEY (review) (website)
Egilsstadir, Iceland
Will stay here in June!
HOSTEL VAGNSSTADIR (review) (website)
Höfn, Iceland
Will stay here in June!
HOSTEL NORDUR-VIK (review) (website)
Vík, Iceland
Will stay here in June!
REYKJAVIK CITY HOSTEL (review) (website)
Reykjavik, Iceland
Will stay here in June!
REYKJAVIK LOFT HOSTEL (review) (website)
Vík, Iceland
Will stay here in June!

WHITE MOUNTAINS HOSTEL (review) (website)
Conway, New Hampshire, USA
Easily my favorite hostel I've ever stayed in, been here twice.
HI - NEW YORK (review) (website)
Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
I've stayed here twice.
Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA
The shadiest place I've ever stayed in my life!
KEENE VALLEY HOSTEL (review) (website)
Keene Valley, New York, USA
Near Lake Placid & the A.T.
HI - WASHINGTON, D.C. (review) (website)
Washington, D.C., USA
I was scared to go to the bathroom alone.
Orlando, Florida, USA
Party-central, sleep was difficult, worried about our car.
MRS. FARRELL'S HOME HOSTEL (review) (website)
Burlington, Vermont, USA
Smelled like cat pee, but Mrs. Farrell is the kindest woman ever!
HI - PHILADELPHIA (review) (website)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Locked out during a snowstorm, they're open 24-hours now!
HI - GREENWOOD LODGE (review) (website)
Bennington, Vermont, USA
HI - MADISON (review) (website)
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Staying here at the beginning of May
HI - CHICAGO (review) (website)
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Staying here at the beginning of May
JOLLYBOYS BACKPACKERS (review) (website)
Livingstone, Zambia
Coolest hostel I've ever stayed at!! Unfortunate bed bug problem!