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Inexpensive bus travel throughout the Eastern United States:
The Boston to Washington, D.C. bus leaves Boston at 11:20pm and arrives at 9am in D.C. If you don't mind overnight travel this could save you a day of travel and a night of accommodations!
Go all over England and Scotland by bus and train for a small amount of money with:

How to Travel with Others and Come Back Friends
Solo Travel Tips

Coming to the US: Culture Shock
Culture Shock: Part 2

Don't have a passport? Planning to get one? Considered the picture yet? You have a few options.

1.  Have them take one for you where you apply for an additional fee.
2.  Go to a place like CVS and pay $6.99 for a sheet of them.
3.  Take your own and go to and get them printed for the price of a 4x6 print at your local photo lab.

Then first time passport applicants can follow the directions given on this form from the Federal Government: First Time Applicants

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25 things to do in Boston for under $25

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Reverse Culture Shock
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8 Safety Tips for Female Travelers - Shit Boston Guys Say

Bring to Nepal -

Use your camera phone to take pictures of maps in your travel books or write yourself directions in a program on your phone so you look less like a tourist and more like everyone else checking their phone.

10 passport-size photos in color or black-and-white (to be used for various permits, visas, and ID cards; also helpful for obtaining visas if you plan to travel outside Botswana)